Hinata hiding behind Kageyama (◕‿◕✿)

Artist: Galileo Galilei
Track Name: "Aoi Shiori"
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Artist: Yuuki Ozaki(from Galileo Galilei)
Track Name: "Trigger"
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It looks like Daichi can only hold so much weight..

Work by くるみや@A/Z実況垢 (twitter)

Work by くるみや@A/Z実況垢 (twitter)

Artist: Yuuki Ozaki
Track Name: "Trigger (TV Size)"
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Reasons you should watch Samurai Flamenco


Reason #1:20f.jpg

Count Cruhteo Episode 8 ・゜・(ノД`)


Did I leave anything out?


me: i dont really see the point in anime figurines?? i mean what purpose do they even serve other than to just sit there and collect du-

*sees figure of fav character*

me: holy shit


U-Brot finished styling this piece of steeltrash wig. An entire 80 cm wig was turned into the ponytail alone, so it was HEAVY as fuck for the hours I had to wear it.

My face is still covered in hair, as is my entire room and I’m not wearing make up at all. (Gotta learn gyaru techniques FAST) But I think the wig turned out nicely?

Artist: 毘沙門(CV.沢城みゆき)&兆麻(CV.福山潤)
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